Keep Things Simple Yet Unique

How to Keep Things Simple Yet Unique

Oftentimes designers need to find a way to create an interesting design that is simple yet can stand out. The most common material used for this type of project is wood (ahem, Pinterest). However, there are other materials you can use to Keep Things Simple Yet Unique! Keep reading for ideas on how to decorate dining room shelves without breaking the bank.

Simple colors

One of the first things you can do to make your shelves stand out is to decide what color you want them to be. Most people like using lighter colors (whites or pastels) because they immediately brighten up the room and make it feel bigger. Keep in mind that this works best if you’re planning on decorating all of your shelves or wall in white. If you want to keep your colors simple, consider painting the walls behind the shelf with the same color as the wood.

Different shades of one color

If you like using more than one color but still want to keep it simple, go for different shades of that same color! Keep in mind that you do not want them to be too similar, as they still need to stand out. Keep in mind that even though the contrast will be less than if you used different colors, your shelves will still pop! As with the previous idea, go for a lighter color and paint the wall behind it with a darker shade of that same color. Keep in mind that you don’t need to do this with every shelf.

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Something on the wall, not on the shelves

If you want something really unique (and oftentimes more expensive), look for interesting artwork or decorations that will stand out on your wall. Keep in mind that this is very aesthetic-driven, so you’ll have to think about what type of design matches your image or how it will look when viewed from the table. Keep in mind that this has a greater impact on the room, so you can use a variety of materials for this part!

Experiment with textures and material

You don’t need to paint everything white in order to create a unique and interesting design! Keep in mind that this is more suited for projects where you can actually see the different materials, such as on shelves. Keep reading for some ideas

Wicker and rope:

Create a more nautical feel with wicker and rope to decorate your shelves or tabletops. If this isn’t really your style, you can paint the wicker with a different color to give it that pop! Keep in mind that this is good for outdoors or tropical-themed rooms.


If you want something luxurious but not too pricey, go with velvet! Keep in mind that this will be visually heavier than other materials. Keep in mind that this works really well in rooms with darker colors. If you don’t have that many shelves, this might be good to reflect the style of your room! Keep in mind that this is good for moodier or more romantic scenes.

Silverware or other metal accessories:

This is another great idea if you like the “classy” look but not if you’re not the best at keeping things clean. Keep in mind that this obviously also depends on your theme and preference, this works well for tables or shelves that will help create a specific ambiance in the room, such as romantic dinners!

Silhouette art:

This is my personal favorite! Keep in mind that this works best with lighter colors or more modern designs. And this is very “in” right now and it looks really cool when done well. Keep in mind that this is a little less practical because you can’t put much on the shelves or table, but it sure does make a statement!

Experiment with different textures, colors, and materials to decorate your dining room shelves without breaking the bank! Keep in mind that these are just some of the many ideas you can use, so don’t hesitate to experiment and create your own unique scene! You don’t have to do this with every shelf or wall. If you have kids or are bad at cleaning, some materials may not be good for the space because they’re harder to clean.

Keep in mind that the most important part is how it makes you feel, so go for what inspires you! If you’re on a budget, painted plastic accessories are always a good option because they’re cheap and easy to clean.

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When things get easier, they become easier to learn and remember and When your messages are filled with unnecessary information, it dilutes your message and diverts attention from your main points. A simple message pays attention to the important things. So keeping your appliance simple makes it easier to find and it also looks 

beautiful in another way. I hope now you can arrange your appliance simply and uniquely.

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